Luxury Paper Napkins

Looking for top-notch paper napkins to grace your table? You’ve come to the right place. At OneTouchSupplies, we offer a diverse range of luxury paper napkins designed to suit all occasions without compromising on quality.

Types of Napkins Available

Choose from two distinct types of folds to fit your specific needs. Our 1/4 Fold Luxury Napkins provide a broad surface area, perfect for formal dining. On the other hand, our 1/8 Fold Luxury Napkins are compact and versatile, making them ideal for casual settings. We also offer 2-ply options to ramp up the luxury factor.


Our paper napkins are not just about looks; they are incredibly functional too. Use them for formal occasions, catering events, hotels, or cafes. They are also hygienic and hassle-free, adding a touch of class to your table setting.

Quality and Material

We set the standard high when it comes to the quality of our paper napkins. Crafted from pure, 2-ply soft tissue, our napkins offer unparalleled absorbency and softness. You can feel the quality as soon as you touch them.

Environmental Responsibility

We believe in making eco-friendly choices. Our napkins are biodegradable, allowing you to make a responsible choice without skimping on quality.


What types of paper napkins do you offer?

We offer luxury paper napkins in 1/4 and 1/8 fold options.

How are these napkins suitable for different occasions?

Our napkins are versatile enough for both formal and casual settings. They add a touch of elegance wherever they are used.

Are the napkins environmentally friendly?

Yes, all our napkins are biodegradable.

What are the size and ply options available?

Our napkins are available in 2-ply and come in a standard size of 33×33 cm.

Can I buy these napkins in bulk?

We offer bulk options that are especially beneficial for hotels and restaurants.